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17. Do you have a Privacy Policy?

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  • 1. Do you Charge Booking or Arrangement Fees?

    No. We own all the properties we rent and do not charge any booking or arrangement fees.  Also if any maintenance or other issues arise during a tenancy you will be dealing directly with the property owners rather than with an intermediary agent.

  • 2. Is there a Connection Charge of the Internet?

    No. High speed internet is included in the cost of your rent and no connection, usage or monthly charges are payable.

  • 3. Are Laundry Facilities Included?

    Yes. All our properties have laundry facilities included at no extra cost.

  • 4. How do I Arrange a Viewing or Reserve a Property

    Simply call us on 0118 940 1888. If you would like to arrange a viewing before booking a property just call us or click the "Arrange a Viewing" button on the respective property page. In order to reserve a property call us on 0118 940 1888. Deposits  We normally ask for a proportion of the deposit to paid in order to reserve a property. This can be seen on the property page as "Deposit to Reserve this Property", the remaining amount of the deposit then needs to be paid usually before the start of the tenancy, depending on the property.

  • 5. How do I Pay a Deposit?

    We will provide the details you need to transfer a deposit when you contact us to reserve a property.

  • 6. How do I pay my Rent?

    We offer three alternative ways to pay your rent and you can choose whichever as a group suits you best: TERMLY – Many students like to pay rent termly as loans are paid termly and if you pay in this way you know exactly how much money you have left for the rest of the term. MONTHLY – Rent can be paid monthly if you would like to spread the cost of your accommodation evenly over the year ANNUALLY – Rent can be paid annually, in which case we offer a discount of 3% on the total amount of rent for the year.

  • 7. What Happens to My Refundable Deposit?

    All deposits are protected and lodged with with one of the government approved deposit protection schemes, www.mydeposits.co.uk. At the end of the your tenancy period, as long as your room and communal areas are in the same condition as when you moved in, you will get your deposit back promptly and in full.

  • 8. What is "Half Rent"?

    Half Rent is applicable only on some properties. This is where, normally during summer months, you only need to pay half of the rent you would pay during term time.

  • 9. Do I Need to Move out in Christmas and Easter Holidays?

    No. Our tenancies cover Christmas and Easter holidays and you can leave all of your belongings in the property. Additionally if you renew your tenancy for a further year you can leave all of your belongings and have use of the property over the summer vacation.

  • 10. What do I Need to Bring?

    We provide well furnished accommodation with fitted kitchens. We do not, however, provide personal bedding or kitchen equipment such as pots and pans, cutlery, kettles, toasters, etc. We have found that most students prefer to have and use their own of these types of things.

  • 11. How do I Report a Maintenance Issue

    In case of emergency there is a list of emergency contact details within each property, you can also contact us directly on 0118 940 1888.  We have a dedicated email for reporting repairs and maintenance issue which are all followed up promptly.

  • 12. What is the Current Tenants Area?

    We have a tenants only area which contains useful contacts and bits of advice for when you are living in one of our student houses.  We will provide information to access this section when you move in to the property.     

  • 13. Do I Need my Own Insurance?

    No, we have arranged for personal contents insurance for all our students, please see this page for more information.

  • 14. What facilities are there in each property?

    In almost all of our properties there are the following features, check the individual property page to double check or contact us if you are not sure. WHITE GOODS: Washing Machine Tumble Dryer Fridge & Freezer FITTED KITCHEN: Cooker & Hob Microwave Larger properties include a dish washer TECHNOLOGY: Wifi Coverage Throughout TV with FreeView   Please note that in some properties these features may be shared amongst other studios or flats.

  • 15. Do I Need to Pay Council Tax?

    No. We only rent properties to full-time students and a full council tax exemption applies. We will ask you to provide your student number when you move to confirm that you are a full-time student.

  • 16. Do you Rent Individual Rooms?

    We normally only rent properties as a whole.  We do have some 1 bedroom studio apartments and occasionally we will rent a room within another property if there is a student who, for whatever reason, leaves the property or never moves in. 

  • 17. Do you have a Privacy Policy?

    Yes, you can view our Privacy Policy here.